Question: Are you taking character sheet requests?

Sort of. I don't quite have the time these days to give all the requests I get the proper attention.
But, if you have a request or an idea you can always email me at: mrgonejediknight @ to discuss it with me and I'll consider it. I always enjoy discussing projects with people.
It might take me a while to get to your request, but if you're ok with that feel free to email me.

Also, just so you know, I've started a Patreon page and will give pirority to Patrons who send me requests.
You can find my Patreon page at:

Question: Why can't I save forms? / Why don't you enable to option for Acrobat Reader to save forms? / Could you make all your character sheets so that I can save forms?

The reason for this is because I'm using an older version of Adobe Acrobat, version 5. The ability to save forms in Reader didn't start until version 8. Now, I have tried to use the newer versions of Acrobat, but they do not work in the way I need them to(some have issues with things as simple as copy and paste), so I'm sticking with Acrobat 5. While I have access
to a newer version of Acrobat I really don't have the time to go back and update all my character sheets, as I have about 15GB
worth of PDF's on this site. Sorry.

If you need to be able to save forms, you have three options. 1, you can use Foxit PDF Reader, which does allow
forms to be saved. You could also use a PDF Writer, like CutePDF Writer, which allows you to "print" a filled out PDF.
The downside to that options is the newly "printed" PDF is no longer interactive. The thrid options requires a full version of Acrobat.

Question: What software do you use to make your character sheets?

I use the full version of Adobe Acrobat 5. It's an older version, but works like I need it to.

Question: Can you send me the files you converted to PDF so that I can edit them?

he PDF files are the originals. I make all my sheets within Acrobat itself. You are more than welcome to edit them as you need. They are not security locked, so feel free to edit as desired.

Question: Can I download everything from your site in one big file?

Not at this time. I have over 13GB of PDF's and were I to create a zip file of some kind, it would also be 13GB. I simply don't have the web space to host double the size right now. My site is hosted by a friend for free and I wouldn't feel right asking for more space to host something like that. I'm also not in a position to host a torrent file of everything either.

Do you know where I can find the rules for [X] fan splat you created a sheet for?

In general, unless I have posted a link along with the character sheet, I don't have the rules for any of the sheets I have made for peoples custom games. If I get rules, I will post them, but generally I just post the sheets to show them off. If you're not sure, you're welcome to send me an email at: mrgonejediknight @