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Trinity: Aeon Trinity: Assassins Trinity 1st ED Trinity Psi Order Sheets Trinity Starship Sheets Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Aberrant: 1st Edition

Exalted Essence Exalted 3rd Edition Exalted vs World of Darkness Exalted 2nd Edition Storytelling Adventure System

Hundred fold Facets of Enlightenment: Charms Compendium for Exalted
[Created by Plague of Hats]
Feel Free to email Plague of Hats at: plagueofhats@gmail.com for more information on Hundred fold Facets of Enlightenment.

Exalted 1st Edition Exalted Add-On Sheets

Miscellaneous Sheets

Band of Blades/Only War Crossover
[Custom sheets made for a Band of Blades/Only War hybrid game.]
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King Arthur Pendragon 5.2
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Stealing Stories for the Devil
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Urban Jungle
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Supernatural: The Roleplaying Game
[Supernatural: The Roleplaying Game was created by: Margaret Weis Productions ]
Street Fighter


Artesia: Adventures in the Known World

Legend of the Five Rings
[For more info on Legend of the Five Rings please visit: Fantasy Flight Games]
UltraModern 5 Redux
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Rifts: Phase World

Fading Suns

Fates of the Norn

Tri-Stat dX
[For more info on Tri-Stat dX please visit: Evenmere.org]
Double Cross
[For more info on Double Cross please visit: Double Cross @ DriveThruuRPG]
[MrGone's first character sheets with calculations!!]
Pinebox Adventures
[For more info on Pinebox Adventures please visit 12 to Midnight at: http://12tomidnight.com/]
Deadlands: Noir
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Dark Aeons
[For more info on Dark Aeons please visit Stardust Publications at: http://www.stardust-publications.com/stardust/]
Bloodsucker: The Angst
[For more info on Bloodsucker: The Angst please visit Postmortem Stidios at: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/ ]
Chav: The Knifing
[For more info on Chav: The Knifing please visit Postmortem Stidios at: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/ ]
Wizkid: The Cheapening
[For more info on Wizkid: The Cheapening please visit Postmortem Stidios at: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/ ]
Tough Justice
[For more info on Tough Justice please visit the site at: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/ ]
[For more info on Courtesans please visit the site at: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/ ]
[For more info on Victoriana please here: https://www.cubicle7games.com/our-games/victoriana-rpg/]
Maschine Zeit
[For more info on Maschine Zeit please visit Machine Age Productions at: Maschine Zeit @ DriveThruuRPG]
[This sheet was a joint effort with A.K. “Drake Noble” Whipple, who helped design the graphic for this sheet.]
Double Dragon

Ninja Gaiden



House of the Dead

Lethal Weapon

Men in Black
[Made for my custom game using NWoD rules]

Star Wars: Jedi Knights
[For my custom Star Wars game using NWoD Rules.]

The Matrix
[For my custom Matrix game using NWoD Rules.]

Sin City
[Warning: Main Sheet is not printer friendly, print at your own printers risk!]

[NWoD Rules for Highlander]

Star Wars Storyteller System

Star Wars ST(Exalted System)

Star Wars Misc

Vampire the Middle Kingdom
[NWoD Rules Conversion for Kindred of the East]

Vampire the Ebony Kingdom
[NWoD Rules Conversion for Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom]

Gotham Knights
[For an NWoD Game based on Batman, by Andrew]
[For additional info on Gotham Knights, visit: http://www.myspace.com/gothamknights_wod]
Gothams Finest
[For an NWoD Game based on the DC Universe]
[For additional info on Gothams Finest, visit: http://www.myth-weavers.com/wiki/index.php/World:Gotham%27s_Finest]
Transformers: Beast Wars
[For more info on Transformers: Beast Wars please visit the web site at: http://www.secondtruth.com/bwtf/]
Pathogen: The Infected
[For more info on Pathogen please visit the site at: https://sites.google.com/site/pathogendump/home ]
NWoD: Parasite Eve
[For an NWoD Game based on Parasite Eve, by Erik Bjelke]
[For an NWoD Game about Pirates!]
[For a custom Superhero Game]
More Than Human
[For more info on More Than Human please visit the wiki at: http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/MTH:Main_Page]
[For a Custom Game using NWoD rules]
[Feel Free to Email Peter at archeiosaggelos@hotmail.com for additional info about NWoD Cyberpunk.]

Highlander: The Gathering
[For OWoD rules]

Fallen Age
[For a Custom Game]

Little Fears


Call of Cthulhu

[For a Custom Game]

[For a Custom Game]


Jackass: The Sufering


The Infected
[For a Custom Game]

Resident Evil


Legacy: War of Ages

Angel: The Pledged
[For a Custom Game]


[For a Custom Game]

Dead Stars
[For a Custom Game]

Riddle of Steel

Kill Bill


Hobo: The Squatting
[For a Custom Game]

Copyrighted Materials

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